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We have No Facebook page - Why Not?

We do not have a Facebook page for Pensioners for Independence (Aberdeenshire).

However, there is a national Pensioners for independence facebook Hub page :

Pensioners for Independence National Hub Facebook Page


Our target audience of seniors, less than 15% indulge, so it has limited reach for campaigning. Although perfect for the Flash Mob , or pushing transient events, it can be excellent, as a stable resource for informative, organisational and strategic campaigning (at least for pensioners), it is off less use.

Our local organisation will simply seek to promote and provide resources for these aims in the event of a new Scottish independence referendum via this website and Twitter. Twitter is what is it, perfect for shouting out or listening in to conversations.


If you would like to actively help, contact us. It is as simple as that.

Phone: 07077072014

email : contact@pfi.scot

Or please fill out the form below:

Nationwide contacts are welcome: Please include your geographic location if interested being put in contacting with other members in your own local area.